My Husband, Mr. Oh! (English subtitles) – 데릴남편 오작두

Grand Prince (English subtitles) - 대군 - 사랑을 그리다
Ji-young Individualist (Cantonese) - 獨身萬歲

Description: Han Seung-Joo is a single woman in her mid 30’s and she works as a PD at a broadcasting station. She does well at her job, but she is not nearly as good when it comes to housework. Han Seung-Joo has a hard time dealing with social prejudices about single women. To get the position of a “married woman,” Han Seung-Joo marries Oh Jak-Doo who lives in the mountain. Their marriage is not based on love, but their relationship develops romantically.

Country: Korea
Release: 03 February 2018
Director: Baek Ho Min
Cast:  Han Sun Hwa, Uee, Kim Kang Woo, Jung Sang-Hoo
Genre:  Romance, Thriller

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